“I have worked with AHEPA Management Co. to create a HUD compliant service coordination program at our property.   Their level of knowledge is amazing to me.  And when I phone or email AMC, they have always gotten right back to me with the answers.  It’s so nice to have AHEPA Management Company as my Quality Assurance resource!”
-Cathy Smiley

“We really appreciate all the knowledge AHEPA Management Company shares on Service Coordination. Their professionals are very precise in expressing the correct way to document Resident files. I always look forward to our meetings because I know I will always learn something new.”
-Ellie Paino



“I am grateful to be part of changing lives and providing a safe and clean home for many seniors. We could not ask for a more professional and supportive management team not to mention compassionate and caring owners.”
-Theresa Cox Merryman

“Great location to age in place-providing good quality housing with well trained management and social service support.”
-Kathy Wright

“Best place to live! The residents are wonderful and the staff works together to make everyone happy.”
-Cindy Delaware