Resident Supportive Services: Enriching Lives with Opportunities

Welcome Home by your Professional Service Coordinator

Social services, guided by our Service Coordinators, empower you to have access to a healthy lifestyle and services. AHEPA Management Company is committed to quality and the use of best practices in social services to facilitate healthy, independent living. In addition to connecting you with needed services, our professional Service Coordinators are experts in life transitions. A community's Service Coordinator can be a personal guide to resources such as transportation, education, civic engagement, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans Affairs benefits, and social opportunities.

Our wellness programs promote preventive care and healthy living and may include the following:


-Health screenings such as blood pressure
-Nutrition programs
-Exercise classes, healthy living
-Meeting new people at social gatherings
-Learning something new
-Being creative with hobbies and interests
-Accessing in-home services
-Receiving assistance with available benefits
-Participating in Fine Arts Programs
-Weekly on-site medical services


Your Service Coordinator can provide you a clear path to ensure you receive assistance available to you in order to live a vital, healthy life.