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Service Coordination Quality Assurance, Consultation, and Training

Is your goal to have a professional and HUD compliant Service Coordination team? Our five member Quality Assurance Management Team provides expert quality assurance reviews and consultation.  HUD has placed increased emphasis on the requirement of Quality Assurance (QA) third party reviews.

We provide quality assurance services to 90 Service Coordinators throughout the country.  We have maintained 100% HUD compliance for all our properties since the establishment of our expanded.

Your Service Coordinators will be able to expand professional skills due to our extensive training and feedback; thereby, creating the highest quality residential programs.  The Service Coordinators’ reviews will be Consistent, Compliant and Confident.  We will partner with them to operate within your company policies while abiding by HUD guidelines.  We believe that each Service Coordinator’s confidence and empowerment will provide excellent innovations and solutions in providing supportive services to your communities.


We can provide:

We provide an outcome-based program of:

  • Third party Quality Assurance for the Service Coordination Program, maintaining HUD compliance and shared best practices
  • SC Manual, all training, orientation, and on-going training.  Partnered with one primary QA Manager, receiving support from five QA Managers
  • Onsite and electronic reviews with extensive categories, follow up for improvements
  • Review of the initial HUD Semi Annual Performance Report
  • Assistance with addressing all questions and/or concerns from HUD about the Service Coordination program


Our Three Primary QA Goals:

  • 100% HUD compliance
  • Training and support that provides an excellent Service Coordination Program
  • Measurement of Outcomes Recognition


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“We really appreciate all the knowledge AHEPA Management Company shares on Service Coordination. Their professionals are very precise in expressing the correct way to document Resident files. I always look forward to our meetings because I know I will always learn something new.”
–Ellie Paino, Service Coordinator
Lakeview Village, Indianapolis, Indiana




Contact AHEPA Management Company’s Quality Assurance department
at 317-288-0808 ext 137 or

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“We really appreciate all the knowledge AHEPA Management Company shares on Service Coordination…