Service Coordination


About the AMC Service Coordination Program:

  • Service Coordination is a program of AHEPA Management Company.
  • AMC Service Coordinators provide services to residents in AHEPA National Housing Corporation communities as well as other AMC contracted properties.
  • Service Coordinators are trained professionals who provide support and information to residents regarding community resources, health and wellness, and enriching opportunities.
  • The purpose of the Service Coordination program is to empower the resident to age in place, prevent unnecessary institutionalization and increase quality of life.
  • Service Coordinators are caring professionals who help residents feel at home and establish a community atmosphere among residents.
  • With the resident’s consent, Service Coordinators assess the needs of each of each resident and assist them in determining from what programs they can benefit.
  • The AMC Service Coordination Program is believed to produced decreased resident turnover rates.



  • Arthur N. Poly, President/CEO
  • Linda Duncan, MS Gerontology, Assistant Vice President
  • Betty Montgomery, Director of Quality Assurance
  • Amanda Kline, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Carol Byers, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Kay Quatroche, Quality Assurance Marketing Manager


Summary of Services

  • Link residents to beneficial services including at home medical care, prescription drug assistance, financial assistance, home delivered meals, legal assistance and more.
  • Provide monthly health and wellness programs
  • Educate residents on service and benefit availability and application procedures
  • Assist residents in building informal support networks
  • Advocate on behalf of residents for services
  • Monitor the delivery of services to residents


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